Camano Farm-Ashram 

The Farm-Ashram of Camano is a 25 acre Nature Farm and Yoga Ashram on Camano Island, Washington, founded in December of 2012. There are around 12 full time residents, many surrounding friends, dozens of critters, gardens, orchards, meadows, and woodland. 

The Farm-Ashram functions as a simple-living monastery for the modern age. 

The twin purposes of the Farm-Ashram are:

1) Universal, Loving Service to all life.

2) Self-Realization for all Souls. 

A Natural Farm, and a Yoga Ashram, as One. 

The central tenets of the Ashram are Simplicity, Sisterhood/Brotherhood, and Sadhana (spiritual practice.)

As a community, we are established as a religious order (501d). Residents are eligible to become members of the order, and share in equal ownership of the community treasury. To become a member, one must be approved by the existing members, and practice the vow of simplicity and brotherhood.

We make our Living by Living

Our way of life is to provide for all basic needs directly, through natural farming, building, healing, and living. In this path, we seek to become free, natural people; To live happily in the seasonal rhythms of life; To sow in the spring, and harvest in the fall. To expand and share in the summertime, and to internalize and rejoice in the winter. To live in harmony and oneness with God’s Creation. 

We are not run from donations, but rather are supported solely by the return on the offerings we make to our greater community. Our prerogative is not to escape society, but to serve it in the purest, most universal ways that we can. These offerings include produce from the gardens, a plant nursery, homemade products of all kinds, events and education, meditation and yoga practice and techniques – all ways to share the natural abundance and joy of our life. 

We participate in local farmer’s markets and host open hours, meals, meditations, and a farm stand at the ashram.

We hope as a community-farm-ashram, to be a universal template to others, as one way to live a holistic, integrated and spiritual life in community, and also to inspire in friends everywhere, a simpler, more natural, and God-inspired life. 

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