Simple Living Manifesto

based on Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings

Freedom lies in simplicity.

The commitment to live simply is, ultimately, the commitment to live for God alone. This
means to be increasingly free from an ego-motivated life.

To grow in the spirit of inner-freedom allows one to gradually awaken to the true and
universal purpose for life as a human being on this planet: To create and live in spiritual

Yogananda called this concept “brotherhood colonies,” or “the living Church of Christ,”
whereby work, worship, education, play, meditation, creativity, and all aspects of life are
integrated into one holistic, natural and spiritual community of life.

Why can’t we see the divine design for human life? For even my own life?
Desires. Born of ego identification, desire-nature keeps us bound to the dual nature of the
world and enmeshed in the senses, habits, and attachments.

Therefore, as brothers and sisters of the order of simplicity and brotherhood, we aspire and
attain to be free from a life guided by whims and desires of the little self; and to rather
realize the divine purposes of life as a human on planet earth.

Paramhansa Yogananda revealed the universal Purpose of Life, as 4 fold:

The first purpose is thus, to be happy in God, all the time, no matter what happens.
The second is to grow one’s own food.
The third is health through natural living, and freedom from the dis-ease that
accompanies modern, unnatural life.
The fourth is to provide all other basic needs (like clothes, building, art, medicine,
etc) as a community, and thereby become independent from the ways of the world.

These purposes coalesce into a single purpose, to realize Spirit, God within and without,
as the true and abiding reality of all Life.

This message of a simple, timeless lifestyle, is not a message of primitivism or going
backwards; it is the mission of soul freedom for all of humanity. It is not for weaklings or
prideful people; it is for the spiritually courageous and the humble.

It speaks not to the passing cultures and fads of humanity in a day, but to the timeless and
universal path of life, which is always here to be known when a human-Soul is ready to be
born anew.

It is the immortal path to Self-realization, which God has designed for humanity: To live
close to Nature, in brotherhood and in harmony with all life. This is the actual, practical
application and realization of Yoga (Union) and Christ’s teachings in this world. In our own

Yogananda stated that this way of life will be the way of the future of humanity: A perfect
blending of East and West; of inner spiritual-realization, and of outer harmony with nature;
That we should go forth in all directions, and demonstrate that simplicity of living,
combined with high thinking and self-realization, will lead to the greatest happiness and

“And don’t forget this plan. Each one of you can do it; the work needs you, and you need the
work. This is the way of freedom.” -P. Yogananda

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