Farm Salve

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The classic farm blend of comfrey, calendula, and lavender infused in olive and sunflower oil, thickened with beeswax. Moisturizes and repairs skin. Use on hands, face, and body, for skin radiance; and on cuts, scrapes, and burns for first aid.

Ingredients: Olive oil, sunflower oil, bees wax, comfrey, calendula, lavender

1 review for Farm Salve

  1. Kathie Nielsen

    Picked this up at the farmers market in Everett last weekend. I have an English bulldog. Anyone familiar with this breed knows they have issues. His nose gets really dry and sometimes cracked if I don’t take care of it regularly. Same Goes for the pads of his feet. While I was away he got a sore between his toes (also common for this breed). The nice guy at the farmers market said they use this daily on the goats so it is safe for my dog. I just got home yesterday from Vacation. I unpacked and found my little tin of farmer’s salve. I put it on the sore in between his toes (which was scabbed over). I loved the feel
    Of it so I rubbed a little on his nose and then the pads of his feet. I am not kidding when I say 24 hours later the scab between us toes is nearly gone. His nose is soft and I see the pads of his feet are looking a little better. Consistency is key with this big guy, but this will be part of my routine now. I hope you ship to Vegas. If not, I will just have to have my friend in Everett pick it up for me! I thank you and Serjie thanks you too!!

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