Respiratory Elixer

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Ingredients: Grindelia, fir, licorice mint, and thyme, infused in brandy and honey.

Improves cough, colds, lungs, and breathing.

Take 1-2 droppers under tongue.



3 reviews for Respiratory Elixer

  1. Cate Koler

    I have tried a lot of natural cough syrups and tinctures and as a cough suppressant this one is the best.

  2. Regan Glassett

    I always have sinus issues and this seems to help, plus recently my family all got really sick and mine was milder compared to the rest because I was using the respiratory elixier.

  3. Sharon

    Oh my gosh this stuff is so amazing!
    This is part of my arsenal that I had prepared
    2 yrs ago for when/if I contracted Covid.
    (I haven’t yet🙏🏻)
    My daughter got Covid and she lost her voice and developed a cough and congestion.
    So I immediately took it over to her.
    She has been using it for 3 days now and she barely has a cough and no congestion!
    I’m such a fan of all your products but haven’t been sick to try this one yet. But my daughter says it’s the best and that natural is the way to go. (No OTC drugs for her) Thanks guys! 💕

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