Lavender Healing Mist

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Beyond its smile-inducing quality, lavender is an effective burn remedy for preventing blisters and treating sunburns. Lavender has strong wound-healing properties and can serve as an aid to sleep. The lavender flowers are harvested in their prime and steam distilled to obtain a potent hydrosol with essential oil included. Use on burns and cuts, spray on your pillow at night or use as a body mist. Pet Friendly. 

Ingredients: Pure lavender hydrosol, lavender essential oil

1 review for Lavender Healing Mist

  1. Nayaswami Chandi

    I love this lavender spray. I highly recommend it.
    As a chef it is easy to burn your hands or fingers. I spray immediately on my hand at it miraculously heals without blisters. I also knew a nurse who would recommend it for burns from radiation treatment.

    I also use to spray on the children at yoga camp when they got bee stings. Good for mosquito bits as well. Just keep it in the refrigerator and can last until up to a year!

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